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Your path to freedom from smoking starts here with my unique Ten Step Mp3 Program. Carefully crafted to address every psychological trick that smoking plays.

I believe you will find my method unique because I ask you to keep smoking! My Ten Step program works with your unconscious mind, achieving a ‘you’ that simply doesn’t want to smoke any more. No ‘quit day’ required. It just happens…in a relaxed and natural way!


Step One – Smoke & Mirrors

As the phrase ‘smoke and mirrors’ suggests. This step deals with the way in which smoking has obscured the truth from you, misleading you with skewed information in order to con its way into your life, becoming a part of you and who you are. This step helps you to separate yourself from its parasitical ways,  making your thoughts your own again so that they can help you instead of helping the cigarettes to keep a hold of you.

Step Two – The Life Sucking Parasite

Parasites feed off their host, just like smoking feeds off you. Whilst this parasite is attached to you it will suck from you your health, vitality and youth. This step helps you to extract the parasite from leeching off you without leaving you feeling like you’re losing something by not having it ‘attached’ to you.

Step Three – The Abusive Partner

In any long term abusive relationship it is very hard for the abused (in this case, you) to feel like they are being abused, until a new perspective opens up to them.  This step offers you the opportunity to step back and see the reality of what is going on in your relationship with cigarettes. Once your viewpoint becomes more balanced and objective your feelings towards smoking will change massively.

Step Four – Hugging A Boa Constrictor

What can begin as a warm reassuring hug will eventually start to squeeze. This is how it is for many smokers. At first smoking can be perceived as offering some kind of real benefits until that hug becomes tighter and you start to realise that this hug isn’t all you thought it was going to be. This step will help you to become clear about the deal you have made.

Step Five – How To Tether An Elephant

The addictive process of smoking, located within your unconscious mind changes your psychology leading you to believe that cigarettes are necessary for certain things in your life. This step will show you how, over time, you have developed misleading beliefs that are keeping you tethered to cigarettes and how to undo those ropes and chains. Leaving you with the ability to walk to your freedom.

Step Six – The Oppressive Dictator

No one would chose to live under a dictatorship, but that is what a smoker does. Smoking dictates to your brain telling you what to do and when to do it all day every day. Like standing outside in the cold and rain just to have that quick cigarette. Would you put up with this if anyone else made you stand outside in this way? This step will help you find the motivation to become a rebel against the dictatorship you have been living and suffering under.

Step Seven – A Leap Of Faith

A lot of smokers worry about becoming free from smoking, feeling like they will be losing a long standing friendship and unsure about how life will be without them. By this stage in the program you will have a much clearer idea of the real nature of the relationship you are walking away from and this step puts in place some good feelings so you can begin to feel excited and eager to be free of this abusive ‘friend’ you’ve carried for so long.

Step Eight – A New Way Of Living

Years of smoking can make you feel at a bit of a loss when you get your new found freedom due to the habits and routines you have formed over the years. This step will help you to  create new ways of living and doing things so that you can enjoy your freedom in the best way possible and feel natural and at ease about being a non smoker.

Step Nine – The Smart Weigh

Putting on weight is a very common fear that many smokers have about giving up their habit. This steps helps you to put in place new habits that make you even healthier whilst maintaining your current weight.

Step Ten – Bon Voyage

This step ties everything together for you from all the previous steps you have completed, leaving you free to walk along your new path as a natural non smoker. Bon Voyage!




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  1. Gordon

    I’ve stopped so many times before , but this time it feels like I have walked away from smoking forever. It feels so different. I’ll be honest, I was super sceptical about how it could work better than anything else, but it did. I was astounded at the changes it made in my life and the way I thought about smoking. It just felt natural not to smoke any more and I never experienced any withdrawal or cravings at all – I was astounded by that! I have never felt better. Turning my life around was so easy!

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